From improving operational efficiency to increasing sales effectiveness, we provide a broad array of services to life science firms around the globe to enhance their operational efficiencies and improve business.

Pharma Technology Consulting

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Our Services

Sales & Marketing Operations

About 25% of revenues within the pharma and life science industry is spent on building sales force and improving marketing practices—yet most companies aren’t able to cash into this sizeable investment due to restricted access to physicians, a shortage of authentic data and a lack of focus on CRM and data management.

We bring to life several innovative and up-to-date solutions backed by deep knowledge and experience in this industry.

  • CRM, Data Warehouse, Sales/Activity/Spend Reporting
  • Data Stewardship
  • Incentive Compensation Mobile Employee & Customer Engagement
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Sales Operation Support
  • Speaker Program Support

Product Launch Support

In today’s world, R&D alone does not drive the value of new pharma products. New products debuting in the market need a strong marketing strategy to succeed. We have been assisting clients globally in optimizing their brand and marketing strategies to reach their target audiences during a new product launch.

We help companies cut through the noise as they bring new products to market by helping them optimize their strategies and improve their tools to measure success.

  • Brand Management
  • Forecasting
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • Sales Force Sizing
  • Setup Commercial Operations Model
  • Thought Leader Analytics

Research & Development

Innovation is the key to success, and the crux of innovation is having a strong R&D department that constantly supports innovation and optimizes the products and services offered. We assist life science organizations by helping narrow down their research and identifying a critical path forward, deeply impacting the time to discovery and early go-to-market.


Pharmaceutical companies are now exploring disruptive new strategies through non-traditional business models, which can only be realized by changing existing operating models. We aim to be one of their foremost, strategic and global IT partner through a smart continuum of process, analytic and technology innovations.

Data Quality & Enrichment

Data Quality and Enrichment services are fundamental to ensuring data reliability. Improved Data Quality help businesses make better data-driven decisions with augmented, accurate and complete HCP/HCO information.

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