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  • incedo has acquired controlling stake in syslogic technical services
  • Incedo has acquired controlling stake in SysLogic Technical Services




    It’s an exciting day for us, Incedo has acquired controlling stake in SysLogic Technical Services.

    Why does it matter?

    The last few years have seen a gradual deviation towards newer technologies around the core telecommunication sector. As data usage and data generation grows dramatically, it's not hyperbolic to say that telecom trends in 2016 will reveal the course of operator services for years to come.           

    We have witnessed innovation around the non-traditional business model, how evolving technologies preset both business challenges and become the epicenter for transformation and disruption.

    The exponential rise in trends such as, Analytics, M2M, IoT SDN-NFV, Cloud Orchestration and Cloud operations are becoming the  business imperatives of today’s world where intelligence and optimization is the key.

    Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions are going to be the technology normal in operator landscape.  Flexibility in terms of network design and rollout with the 60-70% reductions in OPEX will be the driver to push operators towards SDN-NFV solutions. Such systems will be enabled on Cloud with newer agile development cycles. Dynamic scaling solutions with every increasing consumers thirst for data will lead to newer monetization channels. Analytics, Machine Learning, Chat Bot Engines, AI, IoT etc. will be the need of the hour.

    What’s SysLogic got to do with all this? The deep business relationship they have with the leading Tier-one telecom operators in the U.S and former entities for more two decades will help Incedo expand its market presence and offers its vertical expertise in the area of SDN-NFV, Cloud orchestration, Analytics, IoT, Data Analytics and Mobility as a complete portfolio in the operator landscape, while providing solution insights in development and operations too.

    The common vision around amazing solutions that will bring value to the operators is going to be really compelling.  It’s a potent combination. The SysLogic team will now have more than 1500 people team supporting it and gain access to newer offerings with much greater scope to innovate.

    As part of Incedo, we can help SysLogic take everything further and faster. Read more about the acquisition on CRN.

    - Gaurav Sharma, Director Presales - Communication Engineering, Incedo Inc.

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